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Law Firm in Iran

Our lawyers in Iran offer legal services to both natural individuals and businesses. Each industry in Iran is governed by a definite set of guidelines and protocols to which the company’s representatives should obey to. Our Iranian lawyers provide legal consultancy on the local legislation in order for the businessmen to avoid any legal difficulties and to help them overcome any legal arguments their corporation may be involved in. We offer legal services related to taxation, mediation, litigation and more.

The team of lawyers in Iran offer to their clients professional legal services related to their business; we can represent them in an Iranian law court in a commercial litigation and we can offer legal consultancy on any juridical problem of a company.

Company formation in Iran

The entrepreneurs who want to open a company in Iran are counselled to accept the legal assistance of local Iranian lawyers, who can simplify the procedure of registering a company here, as they are aware of all the legal measures specified under the Iranian regulations. We can offer support in submitting the legal forms required to open a business, verify if they respect the conditions of the Commercial law and help you register for value added tax (VAT) and social security.

Corporate tax legal advice 

Our Iranian attorneys will deliver information on the fiscal policy system applicable to both businesses and persons and the level of taxes. The lawyers can help you meet the terms with the local taxation system applicable to foreign corporations and support you in obtaining tax deductions or exceptions valid to enterprises initiated in the states with which Iran has signed double taxation agreements.

For more details and information about the legal services offered in Iran, please feel free to contact our Iranian law firm