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Obtain Visa and Working Permit for Iran

Obtain Visa and Working Permit for Iran

As a foreign entrepreneur, you will not be authorized to work in Iran, unless you obtain an entry visa and a working permit. After entering the country, our attorneys in Iran recommend the investor to apply for a permit within seven days from arrival. Basically, except for accredited foreign correspondents and diplomatic and consular staff, all the foreigners working in Iran must have a work permit and our law firm in Iran can help with any questions you might have, regarding such matters.

Entry visa application

The entire procedure of receiving an entry visa in Iran must begin before entering the country. The future worker in Iran must apply for an entry visa which offers the right for working as well. 

The laws and regulations for receiving the entry visa allowing the right to work in case of foreign citizens are as follow:

1. On Obtaining Entry Visa with the Right of Working and Issuance, Extension and Renewal of Work Permits of Foreign Nationals, published in Official Gazette No.16938 dated April 26, 2003;

2. Iranian Labour Law, published in Official Gazette No. 124356 dated 03.01.1990.

Before arriving in Iran, the foreign national has to submit the necessary documents, in order to receive the visa with the right to work. Here is a list of the files requested:

1. Employers written request, with the authorized signature, for the issuance of the entry visa with the right to work,
2. The completed questionnaire about primary information of employers,
3. Three copies of the “Aliens’ Occupation Application Form”,
4. Two copies of the questionnaire regarding personal information,
5. The photocopy of the company’s establishment announcement and all of the recent changes,
6. In case of marriage with an Iranian national, the employer must submit ID card (original), a photocopy of the marriage license and the marriage deed,
7. The employee should also complete the employer’s obligation questionnaire.

Apply for a work permit 

The employer must submit the necessary documents for the issuance of the work permit, within one month from the arrival in the country. The validity period of the work permit (along with the entry visa) will be three months from the time of approval. According to the GBAO (General Bureau of Aliens’ Occupation), the future worker will have to submit the application within seven days after arriving in the Iran.

Also, for any questions regarding obtaining visa and working permit in Iran, our lawyers in Iran are always here to present you the necessary steps, as well as the required documents and regulations.