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Debt Collection in Iran

Debt Collection in Iran

Debt collection in Iran is a stately effort made by a business to collect a payment that is past due. Normally, during transactions between two businesses, there is an invoice that is being issued and the payment has to be made in a certain amount of time. After these days have passed, the obligation is past due. Once this happens, it becomes an issue and it has to be dealt with in a special way. Actually, the buyer is using the seller’s funds without compensation. 

Collection of receivables in Iran

If a business, despite of other available options, has not recovered the due receivables, it can finally decide to initiate debt collection actions, however these actions have to be done tactfully. Debt recovery in Iran should be the last resort to attain repayments of past-due receivables. It is carried out more efficiently when no agreement could be made.

Stages of debt collection in Iran

Debt collection in Iran contains the following steps:

•    gathering of executive proposals;
•    researches on the debtor’s assets;
•    responses to the objections and litigation management;
•  statements with the debtors – still maintain communication with the debtors in order to create faster repayments;
•    advice or proposals about the enforcement proceedings, civil litigation and insolvency proceedings;
•   our lawyers in Iran conduct information on the status of each claim individually, clearing legal interest as well.

For more information on the debt collection procedure in Iran, you can talk to one of our lawyers.

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